Monday, February 11, 2008


I like the feel of the breeze in my hair
Okay, there’s not much there
It’s short and thin, but I don’t care
I just don’t think it’s fair

Why should I cover my hair with a hat
that’ll squash what little there is quite flat—
What’s so good about that?
Or a snood or scarf, or worse, a wig—
as if I really want to wear, on top
what's really naught but a nice-looking mop

What kind of gig
is marriage for a Jewish gal?
I thought a husband was supposed to be a wife’s best pal
and then some
come what may
But what the hey?!

A married woman’s locks must be kept under lock and key?
I don't think that's the way it ought to be
I think we Jewish women left Egypt to be free
So send that breeze this way, HaShem, and ruffle my hair for me

See also Mixed sartorial signals (and follow the links).

While you're at it, see next post, or The Conservative Version.

P.S. This post also applies to guys who've had their heads covered, indoors and out, since they were old enough to walk. You have my sympathies.

Written on or around (that is, first saved as draft) January 8, 2008, and yes, I know, a bit ironic for a wool-beret-under-down-hood kind of day, but what the hey.



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